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Jack Hart, is a franchise possessorof Anytime Fitness Las Vegas, located on Fort Apache Road. Check out this Jack Hart Vegas Gym Video to see more about Jacks Vegas gym. He thinks one of the chief things that the members and clients haven't been using is a thing called, and in essence what it is, it's an online website, and it provides large amounts of information to help clients go forward with their fitness targets, everything from collections of information on how to work out, to diet and nutrition. It really is incredible. Why does Jack think his members are not using this valued online benefit he says, we try to reach out to our members as much as possible Jack thinks one of the big things that makes Anytime Fitness so unlike than most of the other health clubs in the world, is that they really approach members on a individual level, and we know our members when they walk in the door by name. We've been trying, but it's just hard to reach out to every single person and let them know that it exists. So, I think one of the biggest reasons they don't realize that it's there. We put up banners and posters and stuff like that, and we send out emails, but some people just don't get that active in it, and also they don't realize how beneficial it is. They don't know what it's about, people get caught up in their lives and they don't realize how beneficial something can be, and make their lives easier. I also think they get a little bit intimidated. A lot of our clients are very tech savvy, and have no problems getting on the internet, and using applications, and going to websites. But other people are very afraid of that type of thing, and they don't like to use the internet, they don't like to do those things. Having said that, if they affordedit just a chance, they would find out how effortless it is to use. Also, I think they always worry about it being too time consuming. But there's a lot of other websites out there that people use that get sucked in. This is actually really more straight to the point. It can be used as kind of a social site to connect with other members and personal trainers, and stuff like that too, but really it's all about getting on, getting some great information, and learning what you need to know in order to make yourself better in the gym, whether to be healthier, to be more fit, to gain strength, to lose fat, whatever it may be, it's a really, really wonderful website, and I use it a lot myself. A lot of people also don't know there's actually a mobile app, it is AnytimeHealth, you can go to the Apple or Android app store and download it for free. You can actually track your measurements, you can track your usage of the club, you can even create a diet for yourself and track your diet. I'm very positive about the impact that it's had on the members that have used it, I've heard great reviews, but it's just hard to get people to try it out that one time and then realize how good it is. Well, I think it's a key add-on feature. One main reason people in my Vegas gym should be using it, is my particular locations give it to our clients for free. Typically, I think it's about $100, I absorb that cost and I do it because I'm hoping they actually do use it, because they'll realize what kind of education they can get. I mean, as far as a personal connection goes, we go out on the floor, we answer questions, we talk to people, but sometimes people come in the middle of the night, we don't get a chance to meet with them and know them like we usually do. But this is a great opportunity for even them to get the education, to be able to go online and to learn the things that they need to know, as I mentioned before, you can actually read articles on health and fitness, you can learn about videos about how to do workouts properly, it's a his/ her personal accountability. Did I work out enough this week? You can actuallytrack your workout routines. It's a remarkablewebsite, they've actually spent a tremendous amount of money on it, and it's really well done, really smooth. It also helps with people's food plan, I mentioned the monitoringof the eating regimena little bit. When all's said and done, you can go online, and you can do a diet tracker, which you can basically develop any kind of meal plan that you want, you can track the amount of calories that you devoureveryday, as well as the caloriesyou use everyday from exercise. You can get great recipesand a tonof other big things that help out with understanding why you should have x calories, x carbs, x protein in your diet, and why fat's imperative, things like that. But I really do enjoy the filesas well. They have a collectionof articles that talk about disease, and fitness, and basically justmaking you furtherwell rounded and when you get connected to something with as much great information as this has, you'll make it more of a part of your life, you'll start to do it more, you'll start thinking about it more and actuallythat just translates into a better you. So that's why we do it. Jack Hart really does care about the people that come into his Las vegas nevada Anytime Finess gym, I have experiencedit myself, he knows peopleby names, they come in, this is very importatnt, and it goes along with the, he's doing this particular blog to help people to realize that they are ignoring on something very beneficial to their health, and like I said, Jack is undeniablyconcerned about individualshealthand fitness, and well-being. See more about this LasVegas gym at

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